Excerpt Miranda’s Diary: Mr. Braggie’s Mistake

The school started. Miranda as usual, was yawning during all the subjects. In the first period, the class teacher entered and called attendance. Jimmy, her classmate was absent yesterday. The atmosphere of the class turned thrilling when he was called because school endowed true punishments to absentees. First, they were tortured with one-hour lecture and then his or her parents were called. When the parents showed up, they were, by soon, dismissed, saying, “Your ward took a leave.”

Once for same reason they called up Angelina. She hated visiting school for no reason. The class teacher, Mr. Braggie’s one of the biggest mistakes was to call her. He repeated the same, “Your ward took a leave,” and dismissed her.

“You wasted my money, just to say some letters,” Angelina snapped, she demanded for travel expenses. She held Mr. Braggie’s collar and shouted, “I want my money.” She granted a few slaps on his face to fetch money. Students gaped at how brave and equally dangerous Miranda’s mother was. Soon, students witnessing the scene respected Miranda. Angelina had left an impression. Mr. Braggie paid money because in next minutes she grabbed his hairs.

“I’m sorry,” Mr. Braggie apologized. Angelina ignored the sorry, she glared at the money she got and left the school.

Since then, Mr. Braggie held a grudge against Miranda. He was like an extra cruel towards her. During his period, he gave her more punishment and every time she was pointed among the class for everything. Even, if a lizard had entered the classroom, he considered Miranda guilty, saying Miranda –A Lizard-Magnet. Mr. Torturer was the name suffering Miranda gave him.


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