Excerpt Miranda’s Diary: Drake’s Lollypop

~~~~~Drake’s Lollypop~~~~~

  1. Potato Flavor
  2. Garlic Flavor
  3. Surprise Flavor

Both Justin and Miranda had chosen the Surprise Flavor. Battle among luck was the main object of choosing that flavor. Miranda hesitated when received lollipop in hand. She doubted her luck; whereas Justin was determined, that he has one hundred percent of luck.

He was quicker than Miranda to tear the wrapper. Miranda struggled opening. When he tasted, his eyes brightened. Justin’s lollipop had taste of raspberry. “Yummy,” Justin showed his face to Miranda. “Have a try, sis,” he said, who had finally opened it.

Miranda inserted half of lollipop inside her mouth, as she thought to knock off Justin’s luck. “Yuck!” Miranda spat saliva and shot the lollipop into mud. She felt bilious, and was about to puck. Her lollipop had taste of old rotten socks. The taste slipped through her tongue to back of her mouth. She clamped her throat and hiccuped. Taste had stuck to inside walls of mouth. She again spat and searched water.

She ran to a water cooler stood nearby. George came behind and patted her back, whenever she was about to puck. Miranda gargled a lot, used her finger to rub away the taste from inner walls. People paid attention to her condition walking by the street. They were amused at her condition. Giggles reached her ears from almost expect for one. Justin ignored her and happily licked his lollipop, standing in a corner.


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