The Last Melodious Pot

Melodies were dancing in the air, made of various designs and vivid colors, flowing like a wave of joy in perfect coordination among the tall canopies. Crawling around in the forest just seemed as a snake dashing through the tall grasses, merrily and cheerfully.

A boy with a brown, glittering violin was releasing them from his instrument. And while he did, an encore with bright yellow spotlight was bestowed to him by the mother nature. His violin shone brighter and dazzling as he got into the music. The soothing environment and oblivion had fallen around the woods. The animals thriving there came to eternal rest for those moments. Even the wind danced as the violin’s stick went back and forth on the string.

The whole forest erupted with melodies; its every little part had a blissful vibration. But, the point that was noticed was the people living in the nearby city couldn’t hear the music. Even the faintest melody never hit them, and unfortunately they were also unable to see the dance those blue, red and green melodies did.

With the boy named, Japher, put stick off the string, he bowed and was amazed to see that animals were sitting in front of him and listening his heavenly music. It was most unusual scenario as a lion was sitting next to a deer and a sparrow rested on an eagle’s head. His eyes were petrified for a moment, ‘am I dreaming?’ he wondered. Was this actually his dream, that even after his completion, no one fought and all animals retired away peacefully?
He knew music has power, but to this extent, he had never imagined.

With that question in mind, he sprinted to a shrine in the middle of the forest. Many questions stroke him, but these interrogations weren’t the reason he hurried but he wanted to meet and thank someone. Thank to someone who made him to see such an enormous magic of music. His master.

In the shrine, there was a blue pot resting on a stone, as Japher saw it, the pot said, ‘How was your first time, Japher?’

‘Brilliant, I never knew music have such power!’ said Japher as he put the violin next to the stone, and its stick next to the pot on algae covered stone’s floor.

‘Indeed, it have,’ said the pot, coughing, and it smiled as it turned to Japher and looked in his eyes, ‘only those who – understand its meaning – can feel it,’ the coughing punctuated his words. Japher assumed the old age had brought cough in pot’s throat, as finally last moustache hair had turned grey.

‘Are you ok?’ asked Japher.

‘I am ok, son – put your violin in front of me,’ said the pot.

Japher put his instrument over the wet algae ahead of him. He bowed and asked, ‘What happened, sir?’

‘Japher, you see that flower’s nectar, bring it for me’ said the pot using his eyes as directions and pointing a pink flower that had its nectar barely opened as half of its petals had fallen. ‘Autumn is going to start, isn’t it?’

When Japher took out the nectar, he recognized it was as heavy as iron and as hard as rock. ‘What is it, sir?’

‘They are Peace Flowers, fantastic, aren’t they?’ said the pot smiling, ‘Now, calculate an angle and throw it inside me from there, where you are standing right now, and watch something great to happen.’

‘This will harm you, master, I wouldn’t be doing this. Th-This is hard as rock.’ said Japher.

‘No, boy, it wouldn’t. That piece of rock you hold will turn into flower when it will fell in me, promise,’ said the pot. The boy was confused why it was asking to do so, but as he considered the pot his master, he aimed an appropriate angle and flung it.

As the rock left Japher’s hand and completed half of its path, the pot’s eyes gleamed red and whole world got a shade of violet. The scenery was painted in that color, violet stones, violet water and even violet sky. Along with the color change, everything seemed to be stopped. The time’s speed had retarded.

‘Don’t worry, boy, it will be fine soon – Japher, I have taught you music since last year – please carry forward these melodies with you,’ the pot coughed more vigorously. ‘This is probably the last conversation between you and me, as the rock will touch me, I will be dead.’

‘What! No!’ Japher tried to run to stop the rock, but it was no use, his speed was damn too slow, it was as someone had constricted him very hardly. The rock continued on his path, yet slowly but it moved on in its parabolic way faster than anything else on the scene, ‘Stop!’ Japher cried.

‘No son, don’t cry,’ said the pot with a merry smile, ‘I have been pouring the miracle melodious water on your violin since last year, there’s very little left in me, very little of life left inside me, last few drops of melody,’ said the pot, ‘soon, that rock will shatter me and your violin will absorb me.’

‘No, I need you, not your divinity,’ Japher wasn’t even able to move, his eyes pained a lot but the tears didn’t fall down, they were hung in front of his eyes, his vision blurred and now he was unable to see his master clearly.

‘Calm down, boy, you deserve it and it’s the only thing I can do, and I have to do this before it’s too late,’ said the pot, ‘you must know the truth before I die – those humans destroyed all my fellow pots and took away all the miracle we were holding.’

‘What!’ Japher could now only hear his master.

‘That’s why they can’t hear the music that emerges from this violin, only a soul who hadn’t committed crime can hear the music,’ choked the pot, ‘earlier, we all pots sang for humans, but in return they destroyed us and looted our wealth, I am the only left. Please take care of this last wealth and don’t tell any human about this, do you understand? Please.’


‘Take care, son, I am proud of you…’

As he finished, pot eyes came to normal, and time’s speed came to normal, Japher regained movement. He swept his tears and ran towards the pot blindly. But before he could open his eyes again, he heard a breaking noise, the rock had shattered the pot into pieces.

The miracle liquid fell out and got absorbed by the wooden violin. The pieces of the pot laid without any movement, totally lifeless. The face on it disappeared, and soon the fragments started to dissolve into the air.

The silence was noisy. The quietness inside his heart was rebelling. Japher fell onto his knees as he approached the stone, his eyes petrified, hands were terribling faster than his heartbeat. ‘Master!’ he cried as the last fragment disappeared and flew as white ash. The silence broke… and the tree’s leaves turned yellow and fell down, and suddenly a voice echoed, it was of the pot, ‘Son, the autumn has begun… learn from it to change and let go things…’


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