Days of preparation for the exam

It was about time when my life had become much miserable, because of repetition of daily routine when I was preparing for world’s hardest exam, as I understood, and that had brought many challenges with itself. 


The balloon that got away

I saw this little girl walking by the footpath holding a red balloon in her hand and she was hopping out of joy. The balloon was the best thing happened to her. Her face showed that. It could be seen in her eyes, the joy, the happiness and the pleasure that came to her from a ball of air……

Don’t believe the first impression

First impression is the last impression, is the most known line and it ought to mumble on our lips whenever we start something new. So, what is first impression? It’s calculating a rough sketch about a person by his looks (really!), behavior (are you sure?) and feedback we got earlier (bare madness!) and finally believing it. No! A clear-cut no!